Microsoft Tent in Downtown Toronto

Dave Sullivan dave at
Tue Jan 30 23:26:12 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 30 January 2007 14:50, Ryan Kavanagh wrote:
> On January 30, 2007, Dave Sullivan wrote:
> > Hey Folks,
> >
> > There's some kind  of Microsoft tent at Yonge & Dundas Square, exhibiting
> > Windows Vista and Office 2007. Does anybody have access to a power
> > inverter, so we can take 10-foot inflatable Tux for a run? It'd be fun to
> > head down there in t-shirts and big Tux!
> hehe... a quick search on google for one doesn't show anything...
> A generator? or is that too noisy/not allowed? *doesn't really know much
> about these things...*
> Good luck at finding one!
> Ryan

No no, an inverter.. you plug a battery into it (like a car battery) and it 
has AC outlets. 10-foot Tux runs off a small fan, all he needs is an inverter 
for battery power.

Dave Sullivan
dave at

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