Microsoft Ice House in Toronto

Dave Sullivan dave at
Tue Jan 30 23:25:05 UTC 2007

Yup.. see previous thread about this  :)
I'd like to take 10-foot inflatable Tux down there, too bad we don't have CDs.

On Tuesday 30 January 2007 18:09, Borden Rhodes wrote:
> I just returned home from work where, if anyone hasn't seen it on the
> television yet, our dear friends at Microsoft have erected an ice house to
> promote Vista and their upcoming server and office suite.  Of course, my
> first thought was that a penguin would be right at home in a house made of
> ice.
> Interestingly enough, Microsoft didn't design the house for all of the
> gawkers, meaning, at any point, there is somewhere around a hundred or so
> people waiting outside in the freezing cold to go inside a freezing cold
> house.
> All of the people looked like they would love to take some free software
> home with them or even get some free software burned whilst they waited in
> the freezing cold.  Microsoft holds regular draws for prizes so we can make
> sure everyone goes home with something.  Some ideas came to mind:
> 1. Get a penguin on site (or a daemon to burn the house down :P)
> 2. Give the people in line some Ubuntu literature to read whilst they wait.
> 3. Give the people some free toys for their computers on their way home.
> 4. Set up a place where people can burn their own CDs whilst they're
> waiting (especially convenient considering that there are about 3 dozen
> places to buy CD-R(W)s in 2 minutes' walking distance).
> We need to mobilise soon because Microsoft will go home after 3 January.
> Touring hours are from 10:00AM to 7:00PM but it would probably be heaviest
> after 4:00PM.
> RFC!
> Borden Rhodes

Dave Sullivan
dave at

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