Microsoft Ice House in Toronto

Borden Rhodes dominussuus at
Tue Jan 30 23:09:41 UTC 2007

I just returned home from work where, if anyone hasn't seen it on the
television yet, our dear friends at Microsoft have erected an ice house to
promote Vista and their upcoming server and office suite.  Of course, my
first thought was that a penguin would be right at home in a house made of

Interestingly enough, Microsoft didn't design the house for all of the
gawkers, meaning, at any point, there is somewhere around a hundred or so
people waiting outside in the freezing cold to go inside a freezing cold

All of the people looked like they would love to take some free software
home with them or even get some free software burned whilst they waited in
the freezing cold.  Microsoft holds regular draws for prizes so we can make
sure everyone goes home with something.  Some ideas came to mind:

1. Get a penguin on site (or a daemon to burn the house down :P)
2. Give the people in line some Ubuntu literature to read whilst they wait.
3. Give the people some free toys for their computers on their way home.
4. Set up a place where people can burn their own CDs whilst they're waiting
(especially convenient considering that there are about 3 dozen places to
buy CD-R(W)s in 2 minutes' walking distance).

We need to mobilise soon because Microsoft will go home after 3 January.
Touring hours are from 10:00AM to 7:00PM but it would probably be heaviest
after 4:00PM.


Borden Rhodes
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