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R. Wood wrote:
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> Allegedly, on Mon, Jan 29, 2007 at 06:15:30PM -0600, Darren Zawislak stated:
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>> As a new Linux user, the number of programs available seems daunting
>> because I have never heard of them. 
> Definitely a part of the learning curve - finding the linux equivalents
> of different pieces of software.  There are web sites around that try to
> help with this, but knows better than I.
>> I just found out on the weekend that I change the .deb files to .rpm
>> or visa versa to install AVG anti virus on the Linux side. 
> My policy is to *always* use .deb packages instead of .tgz or .rpm
> files.  In fact if I do an
>   apt-cache search KeywordForSomeInterestingSoftwarePackage
> and it doesn't turn up, then I immediately become suspicious - it is
> probably not available in Ubuntu (or Debian) for a good reason :-)
> Although one can use 'alien' to transform .rpm files to a .deb package,
> I usually do that only as a last resort.  Instead, if I can't find a
> .deb package on either official or unofficial mirrors, then I will try
> to get the source/.tgz file and install from that, preferably using the
> 'checkinstall' utility to create a .deb package file from the source
> code.
> In this case, I would check out 'clamav' (and keep in mind you don't
> really need a virus scanner with linux, unless you happen to be
> propogating files to windows users).  I've certain never installed AV
> software on my linux boxen.
>> As for mail I was going to explore Evolution as that is what Ubuntu is
>> bundled with. I was surprised that other Mozilla software was not
>> included considering Firefox is there. 
> Are you referring to Thunderbird?  It can be installed with apt-get or
> synaptic, can it not?
>> The final bit of investigation is around a website development
>> program. I am used to Dreamweaver MX (V6.0) and have no idea what is
>> equivalent in Linux.
> 'Nvu' is something similar.
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Awesome comments!  Thank you very much.

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