Darren Zawislak hi.darren at
Tue Jan 30 00:15:30 UTC 2007

Peter Whittaker wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-01-28 at 14:20 -0600, Darren Zawislak wrote:
>> Please notice the "Path=Profiles/bjcmnf2h.default" - that bjcmnf2h will 
>> be different for me when I reinstall the program again in the future. So 
>> I make sure I copy the entire contents of the folder including hidden 
>> files, then adjust the .ini when helping someone recover their data.
> Darren, is it possible to copy selected files (and if so, which ones)
> instead of copying the entire folder and having to adjust the INI each
> time?
> In a script, both are equally easy, but if it is possible to copy only a
> few files and keep Thunderbird happy - as it is with FF - then the
> operation required is simpler and has less possibility of error (not
> that we're talking huge risk here anyway).
> pww
Hi Peter,

I only have to adjust the .ini when I create a fresh install and copy my 
data over from a previous one. Sorry to have mislead  you here.

About copying/syncing specific files, I firmly believe you can, although 
I have never done it. But if I can copy it, I can sync it.

Looking at my computer right now, here is the directory path to the 
folder that I am in: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application 
It is my profile directory.
Here I am looking at all the files that have todays date, as I just 
turned on the computer and checked my mail.
I am seeing contents in the mail, imapmail, and the news folder that 
have changed. Only a couple though. Additionally I am seeing several 
files that have changed in the bjcmnf2h.default folder. They include the 
impab.mab files (I have 5 of them for my 5 e-mail accounts) also a few 
.dat, .rdf, and .db files as well.

What I have not had a chance to do is install Thunderbird on Linux and 
compare the file and folder structure to my XP system. So it is hard to 
suggest, other than the impab.mab files and the files in the folders, 
what is needed by Linux.

As a new Linux user, the number of programs available seems daunting 
because I have never heard of them. I just found out on the weekend that 
I change the .deb files to .rpm or visa versa to install AVG anti virus 
on the Linux side. As for mail I was going to explore Evolution as that 
is what Ubuntu is bundled with. I was surprised that other Mozilla 
software was not included considering Firefox is there. The final bit of 
investigation is around a website development program. I am used to 
Dreamweaver MX (V6.0) and have no idea what is equivalent in Linux.

Sorry for getting off topic in this thread, but as you can see I am 
still getting my feet underneath me, and I need to watch what advice I 
give you about handling your data.



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