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Mon Jan 29 21:42:40 UTC 2007

As the originator of this thread, I'm sorry to say that I have a very 
sad tale to relate.

You will recall that I was really pleased with Ubuntu.  Everything 
worked fine for me in my dual boot config, although I did have a small 
problem with setting up my screen resolution.  Somehow, I had  overcame 
that hurdle by setting my screen resolution in XP to its maximum prior 
to booting the live CD.

Well, full of confidence, having saved, so I thought, my Firefox 
bookmarks and Thunderbird Mail and Addresses, I set about doing a "Take 
over entire disk" install.  This worked OK, but I was unable to obtain a 
screen resolution greater the 840x600 (?).  I decided I would attend to 
that detail later.  After installing some 113 updates, I checked to see 
if TVTime still worked.  I really liked this feature before.  
Unfortunately, I got a big red and white bar when I tried to download 
this app.  Apparently, the third party no longer supports its product 
for x86 computers.  I then tried NVU, which I really like for web site 
editing, only to be greeted with the same big red and white bar!  Oh 
dear!  I don't really want to tell you about my attempts to fix the 
screen resolution!  Suffice it to say, I succeeded in making my hard 
disk totally unreadable!  This necessitated a complete Windows MCE 
reinstall, a job that takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes plus 
installation time for all my apps of probably another three hours.  Not 
to be deterred, I thought I'd give Ubuntu one more try.  Only to repeat 
the same experience!! So I spent the whole weekend re-installing that 
dreaded Windows thingy!

After all this, guys and gals, I think I will have to stay with my 
Windows MCE,  at least it all works.  And to top it all off, because I 
was really gung ho on Ubuntu, I had ordered three official copies of 
6.10 from the shop.  They arrived today.  Unfortunately, none of them 
work!  I have asked the shop for a refund.  Oh dear, not my day!

Thanks guys for all your help.  It's been nice knowing you.

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