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Sun Jan 28 14:33:46 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-27 at 11:41 -0500, Maurice Murphy wrote:
> So far, I've had no luck finding where the above are stored

I cannot speak to Thunderbird, but FireFox is easy (I ran dual boot for
a while, and copied my bookmarks, cookies, and other data between the
Windows FAT and Ubuntu ext partitions - I did this to make sure nothing
got corrupted whilst I became comfortable living under Ubuntu).

FireFox's data files under Windows are going to be buried somewhere
under "Document and Settings". This folder might be at the root level,
e.g., C:\Document and Settings, or it might be in the system folder
under profiles, e.g., c:\WinNT\Profiles\JoeUser\Document and Settings or
c:\WinNT\Document and Settings\JoeUser

Once you get there, look for folders named Application Data, then
Mozilla, then FireFox, then Profiles, then a folder name that begins
with "default". It will contain your bookmarks, your cookies, etc. The
file names are pretty self-explanatory.

I mounted the Windows FAT partition under Ubuntu, so the Windows FireFox
folder appeared to me as

/media/hda1/Documents and Settings/pww/Application Data/Mozilla

The files of interest begin with book, cook, and hist. That is, move to
the Windows FireFox profile folder and try the command

	ls book* cook* hist*

Under Ubuntu, you want to place these in a burial vault in your home
directory (burial vault is not a real Linux term, it's a comic reference
to how deeply buried these things are). Mine was


The simple commands for me were

cp /media/hda1/Documents and Settings/pww/Application Data/Mozilla
/Firefox/Profiles/default.u5u/book* /home/pww/.mozilla/firefox/azbymfvf.default

cp /media/hda1/Documents and Settings/pww/Application Data/Mozilla
/Firefox/Profiles/default.u5u/cook* /home/pww/.mozilla/firefox/azbymfvf.default

cp /media/hda1/Documents and Settings/pww/Application Data/Mozilla
/Firefox/Profiles/default.u5u/hist* /home/pww/.mozilla/firefox/azbymfvf.default

Of course, nothing is ever that simple when I'm at a keyboard.

I developed a script to reliably copy FireFox and Outlook data files
back and forth from Windows to Linux, with date comparisons, force
provisions, "do nothing, just tell me what you'd do" provisions, and
confirmations. And debugging messages, of course.

It may not be for the faint of heart, but I've attached it if you are
interested. It will not work for you as is, unless your userid is pww
and you've mounted your Windows partition as /media/hda1. At the very
least, it may give you some ideas about what needs to be copied and what

The folder settings that matter are in the MODIFY BLOCK (comments begin
and close this section).

Re the implementation: It uses the bash array data structure to build a
list of files to process. This is done so that the file list can be
built once, and built conditionally based on what is being copied
(FireFox files, Outlook files, or both). Then the array can be run
repeatedly as necessary, for example, to ask the user whether they
really wish to copy a file.

That way, you can find all files that might be processed, choose the
ones you want to process, then get a coffee while they are being copied
(my Outlook files were hectomegabytes).

Variable names are quoted to handle path names that contain spaces.
Beware the quotes, balance your braces, do nothing with real data until
you are sure you know what is going on. No warranties real or implied.



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