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Jack Bowling jbinpg at
Sat Jan 27 18:37:08 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jan 23, 2007 at 12:40:43AM -0800, Don and/or Mila Trombley wrote:
> I am wondering if there is a built-in Linux Xubuntu shut down command 
> sequence which would facilitate shutting down completely the Machine 
> after closing My session, after a specified period of inactivity?
> Xubuntu  "logs out, or Shuts down" without shutting down the Packard 
> Bell Synera computer which has a Pentium 2 processor. . . I have to 
> manually shut it down.

Hi. As has been mentioned previously your machine is probably old enough
that it uses the older APM instructions for power management. You can
disable the newer ACPI at boot time. You have two options:

  1) do a one-time edit of the kernel line from the GRUB menu at bootup
  2) edit the /boot/grub/menu.lst and then reboot 

I think the first way is likely easier for you. Here is a summary of how
to do this:

1) Reboot.
2) At the initial GRUB boot screen, hit <ESC> to get to the grub menu.
3) Move the cursor highlight to the GRUB entry for the kernel you want
to boot.
4) Hit the "e" key to go into edit mode.
5) Move the cursor down to the line with the kernel= in it.
6) Add the following two options to the end of the kernel line:
           acpi=off pci=noacpi
7) Hit <return> after adding the options to get back to the grub menu.
8) Hit the "b" key to reboot your computer with your edited changes.

If it shuts down properly now then you can add these options permanently
to your /boot/grub/menu.lst file.

Jack Bowling
Prince George, BC


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