Maurice Murphy m1625 at
Sat Jan 27 17:13:39 UTC 2007

Alex Marz wrote:
> Maurice Murphy wrote:
>> I want to reinstall Ubuntu to get rid of Windows in my current dual 
>> boot installation.  But I cannot afford to lose my Firefox bookmarks 
>> or my Thunderbird emails and addresses.
>> So far, I've had no luck finding where the above are stored so that I 
>> can make backups before doing the re-install of Ubuntu.  I would much 
>> appreciate it if someone would let me know where these rascals are 
>> stored or any other items that would allow me to return to my current 
>> very stable Ubuntu setup following a new install.
>> Please note that I now feel confident that I can live without Windows 
>> XP, MCE or Vista!
>> Wow!
>> Maurice
> Congrats :-)
>     In Thunderbird open your address book and go to tools and then 
> export, note the import option is right above it for after 
> re-installation. For Firefox click bookmarks, then organize bookmarks. 
> >From here click file and then export making note that the import 
> option is right above it. Hope this helps.
> Alex Marz
Hi Alex,

I think I've found a way to back up Thunderbird emails, so I should now 
be set to go!

Many thanks,


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