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Wed Jan 24 16:03:00 UTC 2007

Thanks, I did read that solution after I responded to you. Very useful 
trick, although it doesn't help too much for my laptop that frequently 
changes between two workgroups.


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>Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 10:55:41 -0500
>Thanks for the response.  Kyle Vanditmars wrote me and provided a simple
>solution to difficulty #1.   Here's it is:
>"For the SMB sharing, the SAMBA package doesn't actually handle your LAN
>browsing, it allows the Linux machine to share folders to other Windows
>The reloading shouldn't affect your printing in any way.  In fact, I
>have the exact same problem, and printing to both networked printers in
>my house works fine.  From what I understand, this is simply a problem
>with Nautilus (the file manager).  There is a way to set a default
>workgroup for Nautilus, and this will make all of the network shares on
>that workgroup appear in the main "network servers" gnomevfs entry
>Open the configuration editor, you can either add it to your
>applications menu or open the run program dialog (alt+F2) and enter
>"gconf-editor".  When it opens, look in the tree on the left, open the
>"system" folder, and then the "smb" folder.  Within there should be a
>setting called workgroup - it's listed in the right-side pane.  By
>default it's blank, but if you enter your workgroup there, you'll get
>the various network shares every time (at least it works for me)."
>It works for me too!
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