One Final Question On Partitions - Sorry!

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Wed Jan 24 07:21:30 UTC 2007

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Darren Zawislak wrote:
> I have re-read all of the partition e-mails several times.
> There has been several mentions of more than 4 partitions, especially
> where a dual boot system has been created. I have read about the history
> of partitions in the Wikipedia (VFAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2,
> EXT3.....) and am starting to be able to quote dates from memory (very
> sad :) )
> My questions are: How are people creating more than 4 partitions? The
> obvious answer to me is by using a extended partition. But can I only
> have one extended partition with many logical partitions? I have played
> with Partition Manager and Gpart, with several combinations, including
> one suggestion of what happens when you put the swap position in the
> first position ahead of the root, and ahead of Windows (It worked just
> fine).
> My goal (and please don't hesitate to comment either positively or
> negatively) is to create the following:
> partition 1 - Linux swap 2 GB
> partition 2 - XP OS & program files 40 GB
> partition 3 - NTFS data 160 GB
> partition 4 - Linux root - 40 GB (I know, way to large. I can always
> shrink it)
> partition 5 - /home - 158 GB - I like the separate home partition as
> suggested for protecting the data during upgrades. Good suggestion from
> the e-mails.
> I have a 400GB HD as my computer only has a spot for one only. It's a
> Dell............  about sums that up. Don't ask about the video card
> either :). But it works, its stable, and I am having fun. Since
> Christmas I have re-built/reformatted both OS's 5 times. I just scored a
> copy of Ghost, so now I will be really dangerous. Instant partitions
> with data! Sure beats the Windows install disks plus 400+ MB of updates.
> Thanks everyone. Sorry for dragging on about the topic.
> Darren
Yeah, I do mine extended, and on LVM too actually.  I always say to
put Windows first, but if having swap before works, go for it.  I
think you can do multiple extendeds too actually, but I'm not sure.
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