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Mon Jan 22 19:06:39 UTC 2007

   I am picking up an Event Corporation 'Gina' card tonight,  which
apparently is supported by ALSA.   Worse come to worse you won't see
me and this will be a terrible debacle having to retreat to Windows, 
but somehow I doubt it.  This is a Gina 20 soundcard,  not the G3
(current model).

   So this is an open call to anyone who has set one up to throw
pointers my way which I will then condense into a how to on the
ubuntuvoice website.

   Yeah thats me on the podcast,   your lucky I don't fancy myself a
singer.   It would be very William Shatner like.   Lets all sing
together "Lucy in the sky with diamonds...."

   Okay,  seriously.   Any help,  guidance,  mentoring,  would be

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