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Mon Jan 22 16:49:27 UTC 2007

For this series (HP10XX) of printer, you want to download and install the 
latest foo2zjs drivers from:

It works very well on the HP1020. Both the HPIJS drivers and old version of 
foo2zjs that Ubuntu comes with DO NOT work with the HP 10xx printers. Before 
you install the driver, make sure you:

# sudo apt-get install build-essential

if you haven't already, and then carefully follow the instructions on that 
page to download, unzip and install it.

I had so much trouble getting the 1020 to work until I found this project. 
Rick has done a tremendous job doing HP's job for them. Let me know if you 
run into any problems.


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>I have an HP laser which isn't supported by Dapper.   Similarly I went to 
>the various sites trying to get cups to work.   Allegedly it works in edgy 
>(laserjet 1018)  I think I got it to print once.   Not a focus because I am 
>really trying to get an ubuntustudio going (  before the 
>April release date.   It would be more often nice to print stuff,   but not 
>essential,   if I can read it on the screen fine.
>So after I was done fiddling with multimedia apps,  I tried a simple but 
>not elegant or final solution.   I put the printer on my wife's windows 
>machine,   my son does his home work there anyway (okay between games)  and 
>through Samba it works.
>I am I suppose not totally against windows,  but the upgrading stops here  
>as does the verifications for an operating system I own (Dell OEM version 
>keeps wanting a different serial # every time I reinstall for some reason.) 
>   Mad experiments can more easily prevail in Linux,  and Mr Ubuntu not Mr 
>Gates has a far more liberal approach to installing over and over again 
>(till you get it right).  The answer is short "sure!".
>So yeah,  hardware will always be an issue until manufacturers decide they 
>want to finally kill their relationships with Bill and have an open and 
>honest one with the public.

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