Nice Desktop

Kyle Vanditmars kylevan at
Sun Jan 21 23:14:35 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-01-21 at 18:39 -0400, Matt Chamberlain wrote:
> Kyle, reading your post, and looking at the picture you linked, I was
> really impressed on how it looks.  May I ask what theme and such
> you're using.  And by the way, I'm looking to buy a 5.1 speaker set /
> sound card.  There's one I've seen, the Sound Blaster Audigy SE.  It's
> appealing mostly because I don't want incredible sound quality, just
> 5.1 surround.  Anyone know how compatible it will be, and how big a
> hassle it will be to set up?  Thanks!

Thanks for the compliment.  The GTK theme I'm using is called
Neutronium.  I'm
also using the included Metacity theme... not too much wobbly-this and
transparent-that bling, but I like it.  It's actually the theme that the
upcoming Ubuntu Studio edition ( will be
using (excepting a "Human"-ized titlebar,) at least in their mockup
images and what I've read.

The Audigy SE should be fairly well supported, as it's a somewhat older
card.  Maybe check the ALSA documentation?  Most of my configuration
issues had to do with getting my USB soundcard to play nice with the
onboard card in my laptop.  Using a single card should be fairly
trivial, as you can probably leave ESD running, and there are several
howtos on getting 5.1 output.  

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