C-Media Cards

Kyle Vanditmars kylevan at telus.net
Sun Jan 21 19:27:54 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-01-21 at 10:25 -0500, G Williams Webmaster Ubuntuvoice.com

> Once I get one system up, cloning will not be hard I suppose. I was 
> thinking about the USB cards because they are around $50 and the 
> fidelity is supposed to good on them, especially the creative labs ones. 
> They should be fairly backwards compatible as well, meaning any 'hunk of 
> junk' machine that I can get my hands on that runs dapper fairly well, 
> could be a candidate. Cost about $350-400 per machine.
> One of the things I have to do is redundancy, nervous bridezillas and 
> party organizers insist on it. So, here I am with two machines, one 
> powered down, in case. Why put two cards in the machine thats just 
> there? Why not just transfer the USB cards over with the cables 
> attached, and fire up the back up if something goes wonky?

I don't know exactly what your requirements are, but I have a
Silverstone EB-01 that I personally use when my laptop is at my desk. It
sounds great through my Grado SR-80s, and uses the Burr-Brown PCM2702
DAC. Only does RCA stereo out, but it doesn't sound like you're going to
need positional audio for a dance.

Here's a pic of my current set-up.

Apparently the Canadian distributor for Silverstone doesn't actually
sell the unit in Canada, so I got mine from NewEgg.

I actually had a helluva time trying to get a Creative SBLive USB
working, but that may have been inexperience with configuring ALSA.

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