Suggestion for multi-function printer/scanner was Re: TWO QUESTIONS

F. Rodriguez Fabian at
Sun Jan 21 03:08:32 UTC 2007

G Williams Webmaster wrote:
> I have an HP laser which isn't supported by Dapper.   Similarly I went 
> to the various sites trying to get cups to work.   Allegedly it works 
> in edgy (laserjet 1018)  I think I got it to print once.  
That's why I mentioned - to be checked *before* buying 
any printer. Specifically:

Is indicates your printer being "mostly" supported:

Unfortunately very old printers some time have better support, sometimes 
they don't. Most probably dictated by "offer & demand" or "the 
market"whatever that means.
> So yeah,  hardware will always be an issue until manufacturers decide 
> they want to finally kill their relationships with Bill and have an 
> open and honest one with the public.

Or until they see profit opportunities... low-end printers will almost 
always have poor support for Linux (until the Linux Desktop wins :). For 
example HPLIP has excellent support for all high-end network printers... 
but most dirt-cheap inkjets dating some years don't necesarily fit there.

As I said, always check *before*. :(



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