George Borusiewich v.g.borus at sympatico.ca
Sat Jan 20 22:41:38 UTC 2007

As a completely inexperienced ubuntu newbie, I would like to timidly 
add my 2 cents to the discussion of ubuntu\kubuntu. After about 7 
years of Windows, I decided 3 months ago to try linux. A newspaper 
article said ubuntu was hot. Comments on the internet suggested 
kubuntu might be faster. After much difficulty (I am computer 
self-taught) I set up a triple-boot WinXP\ubuntu\kubuntu. After 2 
weeks, I decided that ubuntu was more intuitive than kubuntu.  I have 
been running WinXp\ubuntu double-boot for over 2 months now. I hope 
to use linux more and more, but can't drop Windows completely because 
of printer driver problems.     

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