[ubuntu-ca] Partitions

Jim Little jlittle at orderedBits.com
Wed Jan 17 13:30:43 UTC 2007

Quoting Dave Sullivan:

> * Create a 60-70GB partition for /home
> * Create a 30-40GB partition for /

30 Gigs for / is a bit of a waste, 10 would be plenty, even if you install all
the kernel sources and more than one desktop environment (assuming you are
keeping all your user files in a separate partition).

> * Create a swap parition (typically 1.5 * your RAM, so if you had 512MB RAM,
> you'd create a 768MB swap partition)
> Some people go even further and create separate partitions 
> for /boot, /tmp, /var, etc. but this requires an understanding of what 
> purpose these directories serve.

If you have an older BIOS with problems recognizing the size of large hard
drives you might need a small (ie. 100 _Megs_) /boot partition as your first


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