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Alfred alfred.s at nexicom.net
Wed Jan 17 05:35:30 UTC 2007


I've noticed these kinds of problems in the past with Ubuntu. When
Upgrades get installed then all kinds of things that break the system
start to happen. One day in an E-mail from someone on the bug list, an
explanation was given that made some sense. These Upgrades are from
Deb-Ian. At one time in the past, Ubuntu and Deb-Ian, used to be very
similar, but now there is a rift, with Deb-Ian on one side of the Rift,
and Ubuntu on the other side. They are no longer the same. When Upgrades
come, they are Deb-Ian Upgrades. Not tested in Ubuntu. In Deb-Ian they
are fully tested, but in Ubuntu they are just like Alpha- Software. In
Ubuntu these new Packages from Deb-Ian are completely untested. In
previous versions of Ubuntu, I lost Open Office, Movie Player didn't
work, some parts of the system didn't work any more, when upgrades were
applied to other parts of the system, these things started to happen, to
these programs. I tried to ask Questions, but never got answers that
worked. Just this one single E-mail made some sense though. When I did a
few Upgrades recently with 6.06-1 LTS, my computer freezes now and then
when I go to turn it off. The Bug list noticed these things too, up to
1400 Bugs E-mails a day, most from people doing Upgrades that resulted
in things not working any more!

So the Alpha, and Beta releases are Published and people find many of
the Bugs, but then the Final Release comes, and it is a might bug free.
Then the Upgrades may not work, but they are published, anyway. 

In the next 3 to 4 years if Nostradamus can be believed there is an
atomic war, in Europe and the Middle East Centered around software
published and not tested. Following that a set of War Games, in Northern
Europe that come on-line as REAL, because of Software Not Tested, still
with Bugs in it, being used for the War Games, which makes the
Simulation REAL. Why not Break the trend. Make some Program that does
the debugging, so that a Program has no Bugs in it when it is published.
Otherwise, the Computer age will come to a close well before 2015. There
will be a backlash, that will make all this Computer effort, a thing of
the past, if something like this can not be done!

I was not able to fix those problems, not even with a re-install, and a
backup. So I moved to the Ubuntu I'm using now. It still freezes now and
then, on shutdown - Exit, and the Panels acquired Large Print which does
not seem to be able to be fixed either, eg made to small print again. So
I'm very nervous about doing upgrades. I know my ClamAV needs an
Upgrade, but I'd like to know what happened to the people that upgraded
it, were there Problems with that Upgrade?


On Tue, 2007-16-01 at 19:07 -0800, Daniel Robitaille wrote:
> On 1/16/07, Leslie Lewis <lesliel8 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm using Ubuntu, not K- or Xubuntu, Dapper Drake. The other day I applied
> > the recommended updates, and when I restarted my panels were in new places
> > and my menus were screwed up.There's nothing under Applications; Places
> > seems pretty good; System doesn't have any preferences or administration
> > functions. Alacarte Menu Editor doesn't allow me to activate any choices. I
> > see on the Ubuntu forums that happened recently to people testing Feisty
> > Fawn, but I'm sure not. Any ideas? I'm about to install Kubuntu and see if
> > that menu exists; otherwise I'm going to reinstall, maybe moving to Edgy Eft
> > (I love those names).
> >
> if you create another user account  and log into it, are the
> menu/panels missing as well?  If they are  then there is something
> wrong with your whole installation.  If the problem is only occuring
> in your account, then the problem is only with the specific setup of
> your user account, and thus it will be a somewhat waste of time to
> re-install your whole computer to solve this problem.
> -- 
> Daniel Robitaille

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