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Tue Jan 16 21:59:33 UTC 2007

Hi, Preston

There are many ways you could do it, depending on your needs. Here's one 
that would provide you with several features:

1. swap partition: 512 MB to 1 GB or let it automatically size it.
2. / - 10 GB (root partition)
3. /home - at least 4 GB or the remainder of the drive, depending on if you 
include (4)
4. /home/documents - (optional) the remainder of the drive.

1. There are all sorts of formulas for how much swap you should have. I 
often see that swap should be 2x your memory, however IMHO that's only 
necessary if you have less than 512 MB of memory.  With modern machines with 
high memory, 512MB of swap should be more than enough.

2. The root partition is where the main distributions and all of the 
installed programs reside. The full install from cds is around 3 GB, so 10 
GB will give you lots of room to install whatever else you need.

3. Having a seperate home partition is useful because you won't lose data or 
settings in an upgrade or reinstall of the operating system. This will 
contain all your program settings, email, etc., and if you'd like, your 
documents, but my suggestion is to put them in partition 4 below.

4. (optional) I like having a seperate partition for all my 'documents', 
just in case. It keeps them completely seperate from your OS and settings, 
makes it very easy to back up personal files vs. settings, and if you plan 
to share with windows systems, you can make this VFAT and it'll be 
automatically viewable by all OSs.

Of course, this is not the only way to do things, but IMHO a good one for a 
home user. You'll probably get lots of other suggestions. With this setup 
you can install over the root partition with no data loss, and even wipe out 
your home partition if you need to and still have all your files that were 
in /home/documents.


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>I have about 100 GB that I would like to dedicate to Kubuntu.Ubuntu
>What is the recommended partition size and structure that would allow me
>to update distribution while maintaining data/settings/etc?
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