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Tue Jan 16 21:08:12 UTC 2007

I find that doing upgrades usually breaks things, and doing a fresh new 
install of a new release is a lot more stable. Because of this, I do the 

* I create a separate partition for my home directories. This means that all 
user data and settings will be maintained.
* I create a separate partition for system software and data. I usually format 
this and do a fresh new install every time a new release comes out.
* And of course, a swap partition.

With 100GB, I would suggest:

* Create a 60-70GB partition for /home
* Create a 30-40GB partition for /
* Create a swap parition (typically 1.5 * your RAM, so if you had 512MB RAM, 
you'd create a 768MB swap partition)

Some people go even further and create separate partitions 
for /boot, /tmp, /var, etc. but this requires an understanding of what 
purpose these directories serve.

Hope this helps!

On Tuesday 16 January 2007 15:53, Preston Smith wrote:
> I have about 100 GB that I would like to dedicate to Kubuntu.Ubuntu
> What is the recommended partition size and structure that would allow me
> to update distribution while maintaining data/settings/etc?
> Preston

Dave Sullivan
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