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Hi there!

Have you looked into Python for your programming needs? The syntax is 
simple, it can be used for both scripts and as compiled executables, I'd 
imagine a short learning curve for a VB user, and it has powerful features 
from other languages that make it a breeze to use.

Also, RealBASIC is an object-oriented, cross-platform BASIC that works on 
lInux. I know nothing about it.


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>Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 10:52:04 -0500
>I must admit that I am a Debian Linux addict.  I have spent much time with 
>Xandros Professional as a lay beta tester.  Unfortunately, Xandros was not 
>too happy on my HP Media box, so I returned to Ubuntu for a second look.
>I'm impressed!  I now use Ubuntu as my primary operating system.  I only 
>revert to XP to tweak some Visual Basic apps. that I built as a volunteer 
>for a couple of charitable organizations.
>Again, I really like Ubuntu, but I do have some suggestions for 
>1.  Read/Write ability for ntsf disks/partitions without tweaking would be 
>2.  More detailed help needed for the installation of network printers.  It 
>took me some time to get everything working.  The Xandros Printer Wizard is 
>something worth looking at;
>3.  Could not Gimp Help be loaded automatically with the Gimp?  I want to 
>use the Gimp, but this would be made a lot easier if the Help file was 
>readily available.
>4.  An ability to import Thunderbird addresses and messages from the XP 
>version would be really nice to have.  I'm not a great fan of Evolution.  I 
>prefer Thunderbird with the Lightning extension for calendars, etc.
>5.  Small bug:  if you don't shut down Skype manually before a restart, you 
>end up with a Skype crash, which also negates any selected Screensaver.
>I'm still looking for a Ubuntu friendly replacement for Visual Basic that 
>does not involve a massive language learning effort.  I will be 82 this 
>Once again, I'm very happy, very happy, very happy with Ubuntu!  Besides, I 
>really like the philosophy that drives its development.
>Take care all.  Happy and healthy 2007!

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