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Tue Jan 16 15:52:04 UTC 2007

I must admit that I am a Debian Linux addict.  I have spent much time 
with Xandros Professional as a lay beta tester.  Unfortunately, Xandros 
was not too happy on my HP Media box, so I returned to Ubuntu for a 
second look.

I'm impressed!  I now use Ubuntu as my primary operating system.  I only 
revert to XP to tweak some Visual Basic apps. that I built as a 
volunteer for a couple of charitable organizations.

Again, I really like Ubuntu, but I do have some suggestions for improvement:

1.  Read/Write ability for ntsf disks/partitions without tweaking would 
be great.

2.  More detailed help needed for the installation of network printers.  
It took me some time to get everything working.  The Xandros Printer 
Wizard is something worth looking at;

3.  Could not Gimp Help be loaded automatically with the Gimp?  I want 
to use the Gimp, but this would be made a lot easier if the Help file 
was readily available.

4.  An ability to import Thunderbird addresses and messages from the XP 
version would be really nice to have.  I'm not a great fan of 
Evolution.  I prefer Thunderbird with the Lightning extension for 
calendars, etc.

5.  Small bug:  if you don't shut down Skype manually before a restart, 
you end up with a Skype crash, which also negates any selected Screensaver.

I'm still looking for a Ubuntu friendly replacement for Visual Basic 
that does not involve a massive language learning effort.  I will be 82 
this year!

Once again, I'm very happy, very happy, very happy with Ubuntu!  
Besides, I really like the philosophy that drives its development.

Take care all.  Happy and healthy 2007!

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