[SPAM] Re: Printers and scanners installation

Don and/or Mila Trombley donmila at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 16 01:21:46 UTC 2007

Leslie Lewis wrote:

> Hope you feel better soon. I'm dealing with an infected tooth, so I 
> can sympathize!
> One thing I've learned to my grief recently is that the HP4300c 
> scanner doesn't work with Linux. Amazing but true - even though HP is 
> generally really good with Linux. There isn't a SANE component for 
> this scanner yet. There may be one soon, I hope. Meanwhile I have to 
> use it in Windows. Nuisance.
> Leslie in Canmore
Thanks,  I am slowly recovering from this Bug... .I wonder if I caught 
it from the Internet? ;-)     
As for the infected tooth, it is a worse pain.....recently, I had one, 
so bad I had antibiotic, and a
pain killer prescribed by the Dentist.
I am still trying to get the printer up and running. . . tried to type 
in the Sudo command as indicated,
and kept getting back errors....
 Any way I'll get it running via the Comunity's help :=s

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