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Dave Sullivan dave at
Sun Jan 14 00:49:15 UTC 2007

Hi Jamie,

Welcome to the mailing list! Any kind of advocacy you do --
recommending Ubuntu to your friends and family, handing out CDs, etc.
-- is always a great idea, and an excellent way to contribute to the
community. If you live in Victoria, BC or Toronto, ON you might also
be interested in joining one of the local chapters of Ubuntu Canada.
There are also local chapters in the works for New Brunswick,
Winnipeg,  MB and Sudbury, ON if you happen to be near any of those

Another way to participate is to join us on IRC. A bunch of us
communicate in an IRC channel called #ubuntu-ca, and its a great way
to stay in touch, aside from the mailing list of course.

Again, welcome to the community! If you have any more questions, don't
hesitate to ask.

On 1/13/07, Jamie Larson <jal9000 at> wrote:
> Hello, I have been using linux for a few months and I have been considering
> adding myself to the Ubuntu community pages under the canadian group, but
> before I would do so I would want to know, besides helping out on the forums
> other ways I could help spread Ubuntu and open source software that will be
> of benefit towards the community. I have been letting my friends get to know
> the advantages of open software and they have been responsive towards the
> ideas of less restrictions
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