Ubuntu Toronto Meeting Processes

Dave Sullivan dave at dave-sullivan.com
Sat Jan 13 16:15:32 UTC 2007

After a discussion with David Patrick last night, I propose the following.

We open our meetings with introductions. This also allows the
meeting's secretary to write down the names of all the attendees, and
will help to break the ice for any newcomers. We can then go down the
agenda items, allowing each person who has something to present to
have their floor time, followed by an on-topic discussion about the
issue or project. This is more or less how it went Wednesday night,
and how it has gone for the last few meetings, and I believe it serves
its purpose.

Once the agenda is complete, we can open the table up to any
questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, or break up into smaller
groups for support purposes.

Remember, this is only a _proposal_, so please, *constructive*
criticism, comments, and suggestions are appreciated and welcome. I
would also prefer if we could all agree on this arrangement, if not
then compromise, before we go ahead and employ it.

Dave Sullivan
dave at dave-sullivan.com

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