Printers and scanners installation

Alfred alfred.s at
Sat Jan 13 01:36:57 UTC 2007

Have your HP printer attached to the Computer, and then turned on. Then
turn on the computer.
For the Add Printer GUI, go to the desktop. On the Top Panel are three
words. Applications, Places and System. Click on System. On the drop
down Menu roll the mouse over Administration. There is a little arrow
mark to the right of it, and another Drop Down Menu Appears, move the
cursor onto this new Drop Down Menu, move it down the menu list until
you get to Printers. Click on Printers. You may need to put in your
Password. A Dialog Box comes up, and this is the Add Printer GUI! Go far
enough into the Add Printer Procedure, to see what might be needed. Then
go to to get from there any needed file. The HPLIP
file another person gave you the Links to get to that, if it is needed. 

They call it a GUI because in the old Linux you would have to do all
this in the Terminal, but now they have a little program, that allows
you to add a printer, in a Graphical Mode. If you needed extra files
then get them, but if it sees your printer it might not need them. Click
on Test Print. Is your printer working? If not then you might need to
use some other printing system. With HP quite likely it will work OK!

Hope this helps, and hope you could answer my question?


On Fri, 2007-12-01 at 17:13 -0800, Don and/or Mila Trombley wrote:
> Alan Pater wrote:
> >
> >
> > On 1/12/07, *Don and/or Mila Trombley* <donmila at 
> > <mailto:donmila at>> wrote:
> >
> >     I have a HP deskjet 930c printer and a Hp Scanjet 4300c which I
> >     wish to
> >     install.
> >
> >
> > What happens if you use the normal Add Printer GUI application to 
> > setup the printer?
> >
> >
> That will probably do the trick, but, I don't know  where the Add 
> Printer GUI is..

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