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Evan Leibovitch evan at
Fri Jan 12 06:29:58 UTC 2007

tonyyarusso at wrote:
> (note: I don't admin this list)
> Unfortunately, while those sorts of subject prefixes help some people, others (myself included) find them exceptionally annoying.  The most significant thing is that if your normal mail client window sizing displays say 20 characters of a subject line, and you add [ubuntu-ca] to that, you only have 9 characters left, and so have less than half as much information about the message as you did before.
I only used that as an example. Having [uc] as a prefix works fine with
me too; the intent is simply to have something unique in the subject line.

> What I have found vastly more useful is to turn on e-mail filtering (in my case, in Mozilla Thunderbird), and automatically move all messages with ubuntu-ca at in the TO or CC fields to a folder I have created (Local Folders > Ubuntu > Lists > canada, specifically).  Would that be a possibility for you?  

I read my mail on multiple computers, and don't have the luxury of using
Local Folders for anything besides archives.
> Of the two dozen lists I subscribe to, only two have such things so far and I'd hate to see this one take up the practice (personally).
Hmm. Let's see. I can verify at this moment from my own subscriptions
that subject-line prefixes are used by all of the lists from:
TLUG (toronto)
CLUE (national)
All Perlmongers
Linux Gatineau
nSLUG (nova scotia)
MLUG (montreal
VLUG (victoria)
BLUG (Barrie)
BGLUG (bruce-grey)
OCUUG (ottawa)
Linuq (québec provincial)
PLUG (winnipeg)
TRUG (toronto ruby)
OPAG (ottawa python)
DUG-TO (toronto drupal)
LQ (linux-québec)
KLUG (kingston)
COWLUG (duncan)
U-U (toronto unix)

Actually, there's only a single open source users' mailing list in
Canada that I'm aware of -- outside of this one -- that doesn't use the
prefix. And in that one -- the announce list for VanLUG in Vancouver --
"VanLUG" still always appears somewhere in the subject line.

I guess a convention that works everywhere else in the open source world
is beneath this list...

- Evan

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