The Ubuntu Installation Handbook: a working group of Ubuntu Toronto

Kim King at
Fri Jan 12 02:50:44 UTC 2007

During the  10 January 2007 meeting I agreed to take the lead on 
creating a handbook to be included with new Ubuntu Cds as part of an 
installation kit. The language will be understandable to anyone who has 
some previous computer user experience but not necessarily Linux experience.
The ideal format would be the liner notes from a music CD.  (12 cm. by 
12 cm.) If we go with a liner note  booklet format the  size is limited 
to 4, 8, 12, 16 , 20 or 24 pages.  Anything larger than 24 pages is hard 
to get into the CD case .  
I think  this should be our target.  A 24 page CD  liner notes for 
installing and setting up  Ubuntu.  The size restrictions will prove a 
challenge but it is nothing that cannot be overcome.
If anyone has something that is ready to use, I would welcome their help 
and direction.  Once this project is completed it will be made freely 
available to anyone who wants to use the document to print up their own 
booklets with new Cds.

I am going to leave participation open to anyone, anywhere  who wants to 
lend a hand in compiling and editing the information.  If you are 
interested contact me at < at> 

Kim King

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