My irritating university and IRC

tonyyarusso at tonyyarusso at
Thu Jan 11 22:14:50 UTC 2007

  = My university has finally started getting on the ball and getting
campus internet access set up, but they've made it too restrictive -
mainly by blocking the ports for everything except http, https, msn
messenger, and imap & pop e-mail.  The most significant part of this
is that it means I can't use IRC while on campus.  I had previously
set up a machine at home with the ssh server listening on port 443
(HTTPS), logging into that, and running irssi from there.  However, a)
that box is in for repairs :(, and b) I'm actually using 443 for what
it's meant for now.  Any other suggestions on how I can get around my
blankety-blanking uni's firewall config?  (I already tried asking
nicely, before anyone says the obvious route ;) )

[Turns out their smtp server doesn't work either, hence the weird = at the beginning of this message.]


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