Evan Leibovitch evan at
Thu Jan 11 21:59:44 UTC 2007

Don and/or Mila Trombley wrote:
> How does one go about  installing the peripherals, e.g. Printer, scanner, (both of which I have  HP cd-rom's for...) onto the Xubuntu desktop?
Hey Don,

Put away those HP CDs, they won't help you under Ubuntu (or any Linux).
Having said that, HP's Linux support is stellar and arguably the best of
the printer/scanner vendors (Brother is also pretty good).

The key to the support is the "hplip" package, which you should install
and is available from Ubuntu repositories. How well your particular
device is handled is decribed at

HP's drivers support printers under CUPS and scanners under "sane",
meaning they'll integrate well with applications such as Gimp and the
usual administrative interfaces. I don't know too much about the *ubuntu
specifics of the implementation, but it took no time at all to set up my
Officejet from Kubuntu once I had hplip installed.

Ubuntu is explicitly supported in the install -- -- and varies depending
on the connection; by USB, Parallel cable or JetDirect adaptor.

The only device feature that isn't well supported is receiving faxes to
your Linux box (from HP devices that support faxing). Sending faxes,
printing, scanning, and even reading the memory card slots (that some
units have) is generally well-supported.

- Evan

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