Ubuntu Toronto Meeting Processes

Dave Sullivan dave at dave-sullivan.com
Thu Jan 11 20:46:33 UTC 2007

Hey Folks,

I've added an item to next meeting's agenda called "Meeting
Processes," but this is something I'd actually like to discuss before
the next meeting. I've noticed that quite a number of people come and
go, which is of course expected, but often people leave early and
newcomers are very silent.

I'm wondering if there is something we can do to make newcomers to the
group more welcome, or if we can make the group more inviting. Perhaps
we could have a 1 hour "open discussion" to allow new people to settle
in before we get down to business? I felt that last night, while we
were discussing the install fest, the new faces around the table felt
lost, and I think this is something we should avoid.

The website content and mailing list announcements tend to be very
inviting, I believe, but once a person gets to the meeting, it may not
be so. What are some of your comments about this?

Perhaps the open discussion could take place between 6PM and 7PM,
after which we would begin discussing agenda topics.

Dave Sullivan

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