Backward Compatability?

Francois-Denis Gonthier neumann at
Sat Jan 6 17:49:23 UTC 2007

On Saturday 30 December 2006 19:18, Alfred wrote:
> Hi: I have a number of DVDs of all the software on LTS 6.06-1
> Repositories. Is this software backwards compatible with Ubuntu 5.10?
> Or do I need to download software made for 5.10, separately. I have a
> very slow Internet Connection. It takes hours just to download one
> program, of moderate size.
> Alfred!

It is unlikely any of those packages will work.  They are probably linked with 
a different glibc version and so it's unlikely any will want to install 
without fully updating the system.  Forcing the package to install is 
possible but painful and does not offer any guarantees.  You might break your 
old system doing that also.

I suggest you upgrade your old systems, or stick with the old repositories.
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