Linux lingo gook

Don and/or Mila Trombley donmila at
Fri Jan 5 17:46:09 UTC 2007

Eric Stewart wrote:

>There *is* a lot of lingo.  If you want to understand ling/ux, (I just made
>that up, do you like it?) *Yes, That is Very good!* it's best to read a book for sure.  I have the
>Ubuntu Unleashed book (/er, where can I obtain such a book, and would it serve in helping me to understand /
/Xubuntu? ?=O )/ and very much like it. By the way, no one here is

>deliberately obfuscating their phraseology by implementing lexicon of arcane
>etymology  ;-)
I do realize this.

That said, I teach Unix but I never use anything other than

>commonly-understood words to describe concepts. I can't afford to use a lot
>of buzzwords and acronyms.  Ironically, most of the instruction I do is in
>network communication. "Ironic" since, though I'm in the business of network
>communication since I also consult in the field, the biggest barrier to
>*communication* with our customers is often the lingo we use!
>As someone pointed out separately, there are a number of online resources,
>wikis, etc., that will help you bridge the lingo gap.  Don't give up!  Your
>efforts will reward you sooner rather than later!
>Welcome to the Open Source community!!
>Webmaster(hobby) / instructor / network engineer
>Have you got Breezy!?
Thanks for your insight, understanding of my plight, and encouragement. 
I did realized when I started with the Linux Xubuntu, that I will have a 
lot to learn.
I am NOT a very good student, or, experimenter in understanding what I 
am doing, but, I AM interested  in seeing this project of making this OS 
(which it is) to my satisfaction,  through....and it is a very good 
excercise  in keeping my mind active [ B=0  zzz-zzz-zzz snort sss zzz]
I find, with my memory as it is, I have to start taking notes of what  I 
am doing, and writing down explanations from time to time, for future 
use.  I *WISH*
there  is a better way, that I  could capture  some of these 
explanations into my own lexicon of sorts! Oh well, back to the Class 

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