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Eric Stewart eric at
Fri Jan 5 14:11:08 UTC 2007

There *is* a lot of lingo.  If you want to understand ling/ux, (I just made
that up, do you like it?) it's best to read a book for sure.  I have the
Ubuntu Unleashed book and very much like it.  By the way, no one here is
deliberately obfuscating their phraseology by implementing lexicon of arcane
etymology  ;-)

That said, I teach Unix but I never use anything other than
commonly-understood words to describe concepts. I can't afford to use a lot
of buzzwords and acronyms.  Ironically, most of the instruction I do is in
network communication. "Ironic" since, though I'm in the business of network
communication since I also consult in the field, the biggest barrier to
*communication* with our customers is often the lingo we use!

As someone pointed out separately, there are a number of online resources,
wikis, etc., that will help you bridge the lingo gap.  Don't give up!  Your
efforts will reward you sooner rather than later!

Welcome to the Open Source community!!

Webmaster(hobby) / instructor / network engineer
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