Linux in a Drop-In Youth Centre

Eric Stewart eric at
Fri Jan 5 02:37:18 UTC 2007

The reception has been very good.  In fact I've heard more than one "kewl"
from the kids.  I didn't install a lot of eye-candy on them.  The kids seem
to be right at home and right away.

FYI.  I'm using the Gnome Desktop, but I'm thinking I might increase the
visual impact with KDE.

The youth association site, BTW, is at

One other thing, I started a new site at  It is a hobby site,
full of information on Linux / Network Security / Sysadmin subjects.  The
site is running on an Ubuntu 6.10 box, using the Drupal (
content management system.  There's a lot of content there already, but I'm
looking for people to post forum topics, stories, articles, etc.

Check out the site and if it interests you feel free to contribute. 

Anyway...I'm fairly new to Linux, though I've been a Unix supporter for
years.  I'm a BIG convert to Open Source.


Thanks for the space on this mailing list!
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I installed Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft on a number of shared PCs at a youth centre
where I've been "volunteered" to be the IT guy.  Here's a link to my blog.  Short's saved me a *lot* of
support time and it's been rock solid.  Probably 60-70 new converts to 

Have you got Breezy!?

That's awesome. I'm happy to hear that it's working out so well. 
What has the reception been like? For example, what do the individuals that
have never seen anything except Windows say?
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