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On 04/01/07, Don and/or Mila Trombley <donmila at> wrote:
> I am having some time trying to decypher the Acronyms, Uses, and their
> meanings, used in the various postings which I received from the
> Linux-Ubuntu-Xubuntu-?untu Group...
> CRON, BASH, DASH, CRASH, LASH  Just to name a few (not even touching the
> tip of the heap of them  !=))  Is their a dedicated Lexicon of these
> words? Thanks, Don.

books are good, don't get me wrong, but the basic linux installation comes
with a lot of documentation.

>From the terminal, if you dare, type
man bash
and a "man" (or manual) page will spew forth.
if you want to know more about the "man" system, type
man man

it will feature a great lot of cryptic reference, but with luck, the
description at the head will satisfy your curiosity.

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