Maurice Murphy m1625 at
Sat Feb 24 21:12:02 UTC 2007

Yesterday I thought I would take another look at the live version of 
Ubuntu 7.04 Herd 4.  After all, no harm would come to my wonderfully 
stable Edgy, which would be unaffected by my temporary absence looking 
at Fiesty!  Think again, guys and gals.  One should never display such 
confidence.  You will be tempting fate!

As planned, when I had finished browsing 7.04 and having completed the 
hardware questionnaire, I selected restart, with the full intention of 
returning to my favourite Edgy.  This was particularly important as I 
wished to proudly display Edgy to my son and his wife who would be 
arriving in a couple of hours for a weekend visit.

This was not to be the smooth ride I had anticipated!  Edgy started OK, 
but with a reluctance that was manifested by the 30 second gaps between 
things happening during boot up.  It took several minutes for the splash 
screen to appear and eventually disappear -- after all the other bits 
and pieces of the screen were already in place.  It appeared as if Edgy 
had swallowed something gross that was clogging up his or her memory.  
Oh well, let's try a reboot, or two or three!  Same, same.  Oh well, 
let's take the power plug out of the computer and let it cool its jets 
for a while.  Same, same, darn it!  I even tried re-starting the Fiesty 
live CD with the intent of doing a second full shut down therefrom.  
Same, same.

Things were beginning to look like doing a complete re-install of Edgy 
-- for the third time!  There would be no way I could complete this 
latter operation prior to my son arriving.  I was not a happy camper 
:-(  :-(  :-(

Then I had a final brilliant thought, after all I had tried just about 
everything else.  Couldn't lose, anyway.  Why not re-boot my modem and 
router?  Nervously, I approached this final act of desperation.  And 
then, wonder of wonders, my whole world was back to rights again.  Edgy, 
it appeared, was once again his (or her) happy self.  And I was indeed a 
happy camper.  The demo for my son went off flawlessy, just as if 
nothing had happened. :-)  :-)  :-)

So ended my Ubuntu Adventures, at least for today!!


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