[TLUG]: of Hackers, Newbies and Fanboys

Dave Sullivan dave at dave-sullivan.com
Fri Feb 9 21:51:54 UTC 2007


Indeed, the CRN article was very much based on hearsay and mailing list 
ramblings, and IMO is an example of very poor reporting. Not once did the 
writer make an attempt to ask us for an official word. It was never our 
intention to trespass or cause a disturbance of any kind. In fact, the event 
was quite peaceful and consisted of CDs and informational sheets being handed 
out, as well as talking to folks on the street about open source and software 

Now that I'm writing my first post to the TLUG mailing list, I'll take the 
opportunity to introduce myself: I am the lead "Ubuntu fanboy" for the 
Toronto team, and I am looking forward to taking steps in the right direction 
with regards to co-operating with the TLUG community.

I think the Software Freedom Day 2007 project is a great way to collaborate 
and share our ideas and experience to work toward our common goals. Pending 
schedule arrangements, I plan on being present at the next TLUG meeting. I 
hope that TLUG folks will take similar steps and join us at an Ubuntu Toronto 
meeting to see what we're all about as well.

Dave Sullivan
dave at dave-sullivan.com

On Friday 09 February 2007 3:30 pm, Marcel Gagne wrote:
> Hello David,
> I intended to reply in private but since you mentioned my name publicly,
> I'll make my reply public as well.
> On February 9, 2007 11:08:56 am David J Patrick wrote:
> > positive. The only real negative response come from the comments on
> > MSDN (not surprisingly) and Evan and Marcel. Now MSDN naturally
> > loathes anything not born of Richmond, but the CLUE contingent
> > professes a desire to promote linux and open source, so their reaction
> > is a little more troubling.
> Before you accuse Marcel of negative comments, read Marcel's email on this
> subject a second time. I've said frightfully little on this subject but
> what I said came out of a genuine concern for this community and how it is
> perceived. The message I wrote on this subject was a warning, prior to the
> events taking place, in fact (I refuse to make judgements on what happened
> at the event itself).
> I said that IF the author of the CRN Canada article (who suggested
> attendees were looking to trespass, disrupt, and cause property damage) was
> right in what he overheard, then I believe it was an amazingly bad idea. I
> still think that any event attended by Free Software enthusiasts that
> involves trespassing on someone else's property and causing harm is a bad
> idea and I won't back down from that point. I did, however, also suggest
> that talk of "starting a fire" in the ice house, could just as easily be
> just that, talk. Guys sitting around chatting over a beer or coffee have
> been known to posture and make suggestions they would never carry out.
> I resent any suggestion that I stand in the way of Linux and open source
> advocacy or that what I do is meant to somehow derail its progress. I have
> put more work, energy, and enthusiasm into helping bring Linux and open
> source into the mainstream than most and I'll hold my record up to yours
> any day.
> If you are offended by my warnings that breaking the law, trespassing, and
> causing property damage are somehow barriers to open source advocacy, then
> you've got some explaining to do.
> > duplicity. I intend to use my position as elected TLUG  board member,
> > and ubuntu-ca member, to foster co-operation between the "factions".
> > ubuntu-ca is forming methods and policies to that effect, and I hope
> > to see GTAlug and NEWtlug do the same.
> I'm not a 'faction'. I am, however, one who was deeply concerned about what
> could have been a disaster for this community (assuming the CRN Canada
> article was reporting on genuine intentions), a community I care deeply
> about. I spoke out in hopes of preventing a potential public relations (not
> to mention, legal) nightmare.
> > On that note, I would like to
> > propose a meeting with representatives of each, to discuss ways of
> > turning this "problem" into an opportunity.
> Still see this as a problem?

Dave Sullivan
dave at dave-sullivan.com

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