dvd and media players

Brian insanitywetrust at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 2 20:34:44 UTC 2007

hmm, no, not a silly question at all :) and yes, it is a dvd player...
as i used to be with win xp and made sure i had the dvd/combo, it can
brun cds, but not dvds, but it has played many dvds with win xp, 7
seasons of simpsons and 4 seasons of futurama... and well, i will
research this more and get this dvd player to work, after reading the
other messages and the flak about sicromoft.. i realize now what the
problem is, d'oh, should have realized this right away, as per usual,
the mega corporations are to blame, what with profits exceeding relaity
as per usual... so, i will be looking to get this computer going the way
i would like it to, and get back to using the computer and not swearing
at it like i can do.... also, this ipod issue is still another bug to
work on, however, the benq mp3 player works like a charm, after winxp
refused to recognize it... linux sure do... so thanks for taking the
time and for putting up with me.... :):)


On Fri, 2007-02-02 at 07:58 -0500, Alfred wrote:
> Stupid Question, do you have a DVD Drive, Player or Burner? Without one
> you can't access DVD's no matter what software you have. DVD's have
> layers in them, that require the lens to move up or down to access the
> layers. A CDROM Drive does not have this capability, the lens can go up
> and down, but only to focus it. 
> Alfred!

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