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Allegedly, on Sun, Aug 26, 2007 at 01:04:47PM -0700, Donald &/or Mila Trombley stated:
> Personally, I do like the command-line way of accessing the
> information or programs which I wish to access...  

Me too!  :-)

> I used to be a DOS driver ;-) O:-) ! It gave me a lot of "control" in
> how I used the OS....

And the GNU/Linux (bash) shell is soooooo much nicer than the DOS prompt

> But, unfortunately, I became "lazy" in that I now am used to
> using the "Icon" way (Point & click (shoot)) to access the programs...

GNU/Linux offers a lot of choice, which is a good thing: icons to launch
programs, Alt-F2 for launching one-off apps, or even just from the
terminal command-line -- it's all good, whatever works at the moment...

> Linux for now is still a largely unfamiliar territiory for me,
> although I am slowly getting used to its idiosyncrasies.  BTW: How do
> I access the various command line features, which I wish to run (so
> far, I have been able to most of them via "Point and Shoot" in
> XWindows format.....

Yeah, I'm not sure what you mean by "various command line features"
either, but here's a tip anyway.  I always bind the 'F12' key to 'Open a
terminal window' under the 'Preference/Keyboard Shortcuts'.  Then I just
have to hit F12 to open a gnome-terminal window -- handy if you find the
command-line useful  :-)

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