promotion ideas

Gordon Dey Gordon.Dey at
Sat Aug 25 01:21:22 UTC 2007

Other thoughts...

I recently made up a slide show for a wedding anniversary. It was to be on a 
collection of laptops, some of which couldn't be altered for administrative 
reasons (they were borrowed). Finally the hosts wished to give CDs away with 
copies of the slide show pictures for folks to take home and enjoy.

My solution was to customise a unbuntu liveCD with the picture directory and 
use gwenview as a slide shower.

Results? I had the tools and environment I wanted on all the laptops, slide 
show worked like a charm, and a bunch of folks took home Unbuntu liveCDs to 
try. Win, win!

My only wishes are that I understood Ubiquity better, and gwenview supported 
longer intervals between 'slides'.

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