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Richard Seguin ubuntu at
Fri Aug 24 22:56:19 UTC 2007

I love it!!!!!  How many people do you have in your group? We are at a
slight disadvantage out here in the eastern provinces as our population
is a lot less and spread out more...  I have thought of designing
systems based on compatibility... I have also thought of the black box
idea where you
push the power button and up comes a screen... No configuration and
really no flexibility (great for people who only want something for web
surfing and email and such)... It would be money in our pockets...  The
geographical area around here though makes it so that idea is a bit hard.

I guess it goes back to the post I made a few minutes ago...  WHY should
people use Ubuntu...  any semi-geek knows that Windows and Linux are
competitors... For my own efforts anyway I want to take that out of the

JL Papineau wrote:
> Hi Richard
> We are situated in Canada Nelson B.C. and we have been promoting
> Ubuntu in the following way . We have developed our personal brand of
> Ubuntu Computer by taking computer case and building them and
> customize the apparency of the case to what the costumer want . For
> example the color and also design and customization and installed
> Ubuntu os that they want on their system.
>    We also have now have a tech department were people can have Ubuntu
> installed on their computer or phone if they have problem  with their
> present Ubuntu system. We also give to people Ubuntu copy with a label
> on them telling them were the Ubuntu Web site is and also were we are
> situated in Nelson . We also have free long distance call (in the
> Canada area only.) I also give speech on Ubuntu to company or
> individual . We are now trying to link with individual Ubuntu group in
> Canada , so we can exchange idea and help each other promote Ubuntu to
> Canada. One of the latest computer that was done was a Pentium 166 mhz
> . The computer was transformed into a Amd m2 3500 with 700 mb ddr2 ram
> and a 80 GB of ram. the original color was white. and It was redone to
> gloss black . I think that it would be nice if we had a place were we
> can display Linux computer so that other can see all the great thing
> that can be accomplished with Linux.
> P.s if you want I can send you a picture of the latest computer that
> were build.
> have a good day
> John Papineau
> Richard Seguin wrote:
>> Hey John,
>> Our group (the Fredericton group) came up with some ideas, I am just
>> curious about how you promote Ubuntu in your area. 
>> Fredericton is a government and university city... Obviously we have to
>> target the university but it would be nice if would could support non
>> university folks too...
>> JL Papineau wrote:
>>> Hi Richard
>>> My name is John Papineau and I have been looking for the same 
>>> information but I have not find any information on a new release date 
>>> for the next version of Ubuntu at the moment . I am situated in Canada 
>>> in B.C. were I promote Ubuntu.
>>> Richard Seguin wrote:
>>>> Does anyone know quickly when the next release date is for the next
>>>> version of Ubuntu?
>>>> Rich

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