Toes in the Ubuntu waters..

Russell McOrmond russell at
Tue Aug 21 18:37:28 UTC 2007

Don Kelly wrote:
> What sort of machine was this?  Video adapter?  Perhaps this is a
> corner case with rare hardware that could be logged as a bug?

   Boring motherboard S3 based video (VT8375 ProSavage8 KM266/KL266) 
and a KDS/Visual Sensations monitor.  When I installed Fedora Core 5 on 
the machine it had no problem correctly detecting/configuring this hardware.

   It's also not a problem with Fedora as, if I didn't like what it 
guessed about the Monitor, I can just go into system-config-display and 
choose a monitor that is closer to what I have.

> I recall there was a  "good reason" for this, but I can no longer
> remember the reason. :-P Was it just the "restricted formats" issue?

   That might make sense for the Flash9 plug-in, but not for the 
MozPlugger which is a FLOSS plug-in to Firefox that then uses other 
FLOSS tools to display things -- no restricted formats issue.

   With Fedora there is no Flash out of the box, but Adobe does have a 
Yum repository to distribute directly from them so it isn't as much of 
an issue (options from the Adobe site for Linux are .tar.gz, RPM and Yum 
repository).  Any average user looking to figure that out won't have a 
problem for Fedora.  Curious if there is some reason that Adobe doesn't 
document that the Flash9 plug-in is available directly from Ubuntu 
repositories simply by turning the repositories on and installing.

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