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Don Kelly karfai at
Tue Aug 21 18:17:40 UTC 2007

On 8/21/07, Russell McOrmond <russell at> wrote:
>    The Ubuntu installer mis-detected my monitor and only gave me 800*600
> and 640*480 as resolution options, a problem I didn't have on my
> laptops.  In order to install I had to move both panels out of the way
> as otherwise I couldn't click on any of the 'next' buttons (windows
> large enough that they were taller than the screen).

What sort of machine was this?  Video adapter?  Perhaps this is a
corner case with rare hardware that could be logged as a bug?

>    Other things:  I guess I was surprised that mozplugger and
> flash-nonfree weren't included by default on a fresh desktop.  While I
> knew that they had to be there, a new user might actually believe that
> the ability to view Flash pages or PDFs in the browser just wasn't there
> with Ubuntu.

I recall there was a  "good reason" for this, but I can no longer
remember the reason. :-P Was it just the "restricted formats" issue?

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