Fredericton Meeting

Richard Seguin ubuntu at
Mon Aug 20 13:19:15 UTC 2007

Hey guys/gals

Within the next 2 weeks could we come up with a time and location for
our first meeting... I have 13 32 bit copies of Ubuntu, 4 64 bit copies,
9 copies of the 32 bit version Kubuntu and 5 copies of the 64 bit
version of Kubuntu...

Although I can't tell you where I work in the city I can tell you that
some of the people I come across would be very happy to get rid of Vista
and use something a little less......annoying...   Over the next couple
days I will take a look at we have and see if I can make a list of
compatible systems... You would be surprised at how often I use Ubuntu
as a diagnostic CD.  Also it does support most of the systems I have ran
it on, the wireless cards are a little tricky though...

Talk to you people soon!


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