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Mon Aug 20 03:46:22 UTC 2007

Dave, your suggestion to append _60 worked! I now have nice crisp 1280x1024 resolution!

I attach the working xorg.conf file.

Many thanks!


Dave Marple <d.marple at> wrote: Might as well, but usually only 24 is used I believe.

Get we soon,

On 8/19/07, Les Wright < leslie.wright at> wrote:           Thanks Dave, I will try that when I get time this week.
 I am a bit delirious with the flu right now so my OP is riddled with typos. The correct desired resolution of my monitor is 1280x1024, not 1280x1084 as I wrote the second time.. I know from running it with Windows the 5:4 aspect ratio is indeed the crispest. Everything looks freakishly huge at 1024x768 or less. Ubuntu looks so good on the  Mac, and the VMware virtual drivers seem to have no difficulty coping with resizing the host window, etc. It can't be impossible to get my monitor to work!
 In my xorg.conf file there are several listings of resolutions ranging from 2 to 24 bits, so something akin to that. Should I add "1280x1024_60" to all of them?
 many thanks,
 Dave Marple wrote: Hey,
 Getting xorg to work can sometimes be a huge headache.  The good news is that there is a GUI configuration in the works...the bad news is it isn't here yet.  Ubuntu should have no problem supporting your monitor, something tells me that ubuntu is probably supplying the wrong refresh rate.  Try putting in 1280x1084_60 which should force a 60hz refresh rate.  Otherwise copypaste me your xorg.conf and we'll try to get it sorted out.
 Best of luck.
   On 8/19/07, Les Wright < leslie.wright at> wrote:   Greetings Canadian Ubuntu users!
 I recently got a new iMac with lots of memory and have effortlessly     
 installed Feisty in a virtual machine under VMware Fusion. It looks and
 runs beautifully there, and since I splurged on the extra 2GB of memory
 (I got a good price through the York U computer store), I can run Ubuntu     
 alongside XP and the native Mac OS easily. It only starts breathing hard
 if if doing any disk intensive work that keeps the hard drive busy. I am
 a very happy guy. I haven't been so happy with a computer since first     
 fooling around with the TRS-80 as a teen.
 My installation of Ubuntu to my old PC didn't go as smoothly. It works
 well enough, and I am pleased my Netgear wireless card was recognized
 out of the box and I could download needed updates and desired packages.     
 But the monitor is another story.
 I have 19" Samsung Syncmaster 192N--an older monitor, but it works fine
 and should achieve a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 but I haven't been
 able to get above 1024x768 with the built in nv driver. The card is one     
 in NVidia GeForce4 MX series, don't know which one. I have gotten the
 legacy driver that supports this card from the NVidia site. My first
 install attempt led to me losing video and the monitor displaying a
 little box saying "video mode not supported". The first couple of times
 I did a complete reinstall of Ubuntu until I realized that Ctrl-Alt-F1
 or Ctrl-Alt-F2 led me to the shell. The first couple of times I let the     
 nividia installer set up my xorg.conf file for me, but after a couple of
 reinstalls I thought the wiser of that and Chose to try to make
 adjustments manually. So I listed "nvidia" as the driver and removed     
 "nv" and couple of other options as specified in the Readme. The bottom
 line is that if "nvidia" is in that line in lieu of "nv", I lose video
 and have to go into the shell sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf to fix what I     
 have changed to get video back again. I have tried added "1280x1084" to
 the resolution options list, but it doesn't show up in the drop down
 menu in the Screen Resolution options.
 The good thing is that my card reader on the old PC is recognized, so I     
 can easily back up my home directory and do a completely fresh
 reisnstall of Ubuntu if that is what it takes. It is not crucial that I
 get this old box to work, since my Mac version works so well, but it is
 the pricinple of the thing. If there is a way to get the best resolution     
 out of this Samsung monitor and NVidia card, I would like to know how. I
 believe others have made this work.
 Many thanks
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