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Wi-Fi, or Wireless Fidelity is the transmission of data packets over a
wireless frequency (Usually the 5 Ghz spectrum, as specified by the
802.11standard). Mostly, it is used for connecting computers to a
modem (to get
Internet access) without using the traditional Ethernet cables. It is also
often used for connecting multiple computers to each other, thereby forming
a local area network (LAN).

All you need to set up a WiFi network is a wireless router and a computer
with a WiFi card. Make sure, however, that both the router and the card are
of the same 802.11 standard, as there are A,B,G and a number of pre-N
standards, and not all of them are cross-compatible. You can find both the
router and the card(s) in any respectable computer store, large or small.
For desktop computers, you will likely need to install the card yourself by
opening up your case, putting it into a PCI slot, screwing it in, and
closing the case again. For most laptop computers, you can buy an expansion
card, which you will be able to simply plug into your laptop's expansion
slots. Just make sure that your laptop has expansion slots, and check which
kind of slots they are before you buy a card.

Many newer laptops (and desktops) come with WiFi cards built-in, especially
laptops with Intel's Centrino technology. To check if you already have a
WiFi card, Access the Device Manager that comes with either Ubuntu or
Windows and look for a "Wireless" IEEE card.

Hope that helps,

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> I am ignorant as to what Wi-Fi is, and how it is used?
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