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Tue May 30 03:15:10 UTC 2006

Please, before you suggest logos for Ubuntu-related activities (for
Ubuntu.ca or anything else) read & understand Ubuntu's Trademark Policy -

Especially important for work like we've been kicking around is the last
section of that page, "Logo Standards", and in particular the clause that
reads "Other than the variations listed here, the logo may not be modified
in any way."

This makes it harder to actually incorporate the Ubuntu logo itself into
artwork. Sticking a maple leaf into the middle of the logo's circle or over
part of the logo, for instance, breaks the "may not be modified" clause.

I proposed a few Ubuntu.ca logos last year, and contacted Canonical's
trademarks person about them, and one of the comments I got back was this:

> > The logo usage rules basically boil down to "use the logo as is -
> > don't change it" and I don't expect they should cause you any
> > trouble.
> >
> > You can still use the maple leave, just don't put it in the middle of
> > the Logo and add (b), then it should be fine.

Note that Ubuntu isn't unique in being quite restrictive in what you can do
to their logo. The Gnome Project is similarly protective of their Gnome
foot. (http://live.gnome.org/LogoGuidelines )

That said, there's a great set of colours to work from to give things an
Ubuntu-themed look (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Official then scroll
down to the Palette section), and I always find that a restriction
stimulates my creativity, rather than restricting it!

I hesitated before I posted this, because I've got a logo suggestion out
there too,
but I hate to see people posting ideas that our team wouldn't actually
be allowed to use because of the Trademark Policy.

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