congrats (and some questions)

bradley bradleysatchel at
Fri May 26 05:59:04 UTC 2006

so i feel as though i missed the excitement of being part of the
community that developed  dapper-- i just updated to it today! 
(although my advice would have to have been almost entirely about
aesthetics because my computer skills are 'not all that', if you know
what i mean). 
i fall into that (small?) category of people that switched over mainly
for the ideas behind the system with the hope that i could adapt.

so here is a well deserved congratulations for the creation of a very
nice operating system.

that being said i do have a couple of questions that i would like to
toss out there:

i am getting some horizontal lines on my dvd playback, dma is on and all
the necessary formats (that i know of) have been installed. does anyone
have any ideas what is causing them and more importantly how i get rid
of them?

i installed sun java (i like to play or watch go on the kiseido go
server) but it doesn't work. my browser always tells me to install
additional plugins.  (?)

okay, and finally, i use azureus (and used it on breezy as well) and if
anyone else uses it they know it will pop up little dialogue boxes in
the corner of the screen (usually they tell me i've done something
wrong-ish) but i can't get mine to go away-- i had to move my bottom
panel to the top :) and (this last question is a two-parter) azureus
usually minimizes to the panel but now it just disappears (the option
to have it minimize to the panel has been checked) has this happened
with other people? what should i do?

in all three of these cases i followed the wiki very carefully
(admittedly sometimes a bit blindly but i generally do like to know
what i'm doing).

that is it. i feel like it is long enough to be divided into chapters.
well i hope this doesn't create a bad first impression and i'll
pre-emptively thank everyone for any help they have. (really, this is
one of the only valid uses of pre-emptively doing something if you ask

cheers (and once again congratulations),

ps. tommorrow i'm going to go back through the wiki and if i find an
answer to any of these questions i'll let everyone know.

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